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The firm was established over thirty years ago. We are driven by and for people. We pride ourselves in communicating with our clients. Regardless of the client and the service, we endeavour to work with the people that we are instructed by. We also endeavour to work with our colleagues. We do have a good working relationship with other disciplines with whom we have contact such as accountants, insurance brokers and auctioneers.

All work that Liston and Company do is driven in the best interests of the client in a fair and balanced way. It is not our practice to take advantage or exploit a weakness that would leave others unnecessarily and unfairly disadvantaged.

Clients come to us because they know us and fortunately they recommend us to their friends and it is through this association that the firm has developed over the years.

Everything that we do, we do to best practice and with energy. We work hard to stay up to date with the many changes that take place and endeavour to ensure that our clients are fully, properly and effectively represented.

We have always had an affinity with property. We have developed an expertise in this area and we are at the coalface of change. Our experience in property ranges from the cottage to new developments consisting of the sale of houses, apartments and commercial use.

The Law is a subject that is dear to our hearts.

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