ProbateAdministration of Estates

The administration of an estate is a timely event in the life of somebody.

When somebody makes a Will, in most cases the estate is administered by obtaining a Grant of Probate.

Where somebody does not make a Will in most cases the estate is administered by means of obtaining a Grant of Letters of Administration.

Both of those documents issue out of the High Court. Somebody has to obtain these documents. When it is a Will it is the Executor. When it is Letters of Administration it is generally a beneficiary. It is sensitive because that person has to acquaint themselves with all of the assets and liability of the deceased. This information can vary from a simple estate where the information is known to a complicated and substantial estate where not all of the information is known. In any case where information is not available then extensive enquiries and investigation have to be made.

In these times not all assets are located in Ireland and therefore a foreign grant will be required to facilitate the realisation of the assets located abroad.

The closer the Executor/Administrator is to the deceased the more sensitive the administration is. This has to be understood and as a matter of practice we would always work within the limitations of our client.

When the Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration are obtained the assets can be realised and then they are distributed. All residuary legatees are entitled to see an account of the administration of the estate.

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