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It is probably one of the most exciting things that a solicitor can be involved in. To receive an instruction to act in the purchase of land that is going to be developed requires very careful and detailed instructions. Many parties have to work together to achieve the goal of the client. In the initial stages the opinion of both engineers and architects is vital to ensure that the development can work on the ground.

Developments vary in extremes. In the last fifteen years there has been a variety of developments which have been far more extensive than anything that has previously taken place. Having been involved in some of these it has greatly widened our knowledge and experience of this complex subject. The objective of the client is to be paid for the risk taken in developing lands for the use and enjoyment of those members of the public that it is intended to satisfy. The objective of the end user is to have a premises that fulfils their expectations and is capable of being resold at some time in the future.

All of our documents are prepared to the highest legal standard and most of our developments are supported with a specially designed, easy to understand website containing in a very simple way all of the relevant legal information. Good practice ensures that contracts are signed quickly.

Our experience includes advice on security being provided to the lending institutions advancing funds for acquisition and development. This security can take a variety of forms from fixed to floating charges on shares in the company.

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