The fundamentals to litigation are a clear instruction and understanding of the Law and good judgement.

Submitting a dispute between two parties to be determined by an individual who is detached and has the obligation to know the facts and apply the Law requires careful preparation, attention to detail, understanding of human relationships and an assessment of the likely outcome.

We only go the legal route if it is the last resort. We fully recognise the mental burden on the client and the possible cost of the outcome.

We are conservative in our thinking but when a decision is made that litigation is the only remedy then we would pursue that course diligently and expeditiously in order to have the issue determined at the earliest possible time. Of course there are many matters that are outside of our control about which we can do nothing. Court lists and the availability of judges, mediators and arbitrators have a substantial bearing.

The co-operation of our opposite numbers also has a considerable influence.

Over time we have assembled a team of barristers capable of supporting this office and our client on a “by return” basis. More so our team of barristers are capable of drafting the proceedings and presenting the case in a manner that is friendly, intelligent, constructive and acceptable to the practices that exist in the area of instructions and in the forum of adjudication.

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